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High Lights

  • Intimate setting

  • Connection with people and plants/Relationship

  • Hands-on experience

  • Medicine Making/Formulation

  • Self Empowerment

  • Life Long Skills

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Class Description

I, Teasha am incredibly excited and honored to be offering Herbal education classes this year. This is a unique and special class that has been curated over many full and new moons. If you're feeling pulled to learn more about plant medicine and simple plant preparation and find yourself connected to this offering, I encourage you to empower yourself and join me. Let's share in the world of self care through plant medicine.


This is all you need to know about our Intentional Plant medicine and Preparation Class. In this 2.5hrs together we settle in, break the ice and dive right into getting to know a handful of plants.We will take in what we have experienced and learn to use those plants to create an intentional bathing salt to take home.

This class will begin by learning the steps of plant communication through hands on observation, touching, smelling and test tasting medicinal plants. We will explore the ways we are connected to plants by tapping into our intuition and imagination.

The second half of this class will be focused on setting intentions and being intentional while crafting your very own unique bathing salt from the plants you have resonated with.  

In this class you will learn plant identification and both western and pnw indigenous medicinal benefits of each plant presented. Each participant will take home an in-depth outline of the class and a herbal education certificate. 

More details will be emailed to you with the exact address in Olympia and any additional information after registration is complete. 

With  Deep Love and Gratitude


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