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Walking the Plant Path

Plant Healing Retreat

Olympia, Washington

Saturday August 29th

10am - 5pm

 Do you have a desire to learn how to create simple practices in your daily life to keep you physically and spiritually balanced? Do you long to be more connected with the natural world surrounding you? You were born with the ability to heal, connect and speak with plants but this language has been lost for most. Come gather in practice and ceremony to learn how to create plant relationships. Let’s be free with the earth. We will explore and experiment with your deepest curiosities and imaginations. Come find out more about our plant allies and how they can help us heal ourselves and others while building community with like minded people. This offering has been built through many moon from dreams, education, and heart. 

              Retreat Participants Will:

  • Learn how to honor and connect with our natural world through plants by creating  physical, emotional and spiritual relationships. We will touch, taste, journal and dive deep into relationships with every part of ourselves.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ecological intelligence and how to communicate with plants.

  • Make your own medicinal formulation to take home or gift.  

  • Learn how to use plant medicine and why plant medicine is so beneficial for ourselves and the earth. 

  • Learn plant healing techniques, spiritual rituals and practices that support a higher consciousness and healing.

  • Learn how to create plant art and medicine with intention. 

  • Practice intentional rituals and learn to hold healing space for others

  • Go for a 1.5 mile guided plant walk to sit with a plant that calls to you in the forest. We will be walking directly from the retreat space with out need of transportation. Please note you must be able to hike at a moderate hiking level to be able to participate in this portion of the retreat. Please contact me with questions and we can try to do our best for everyone wanting to participate. For those who need special accommodations please reach out or be on the lookout for my exclusive indoor only medicine making retreats happening in the future.

  • Be provided with a vegan plant based lunch with all participants dietary restrictions in mind.

  • Take home an extensive booklet outlining what was covered in the retreat.


  • This offering is an opportunity for only 6 individuals at this time.

  • Please register before May 9th.

  • Cost: $55

  • Includes nutritious plant-based lunch and a full plate of plant knowledge. 

  • More in depth details will be emailed to you with information about where, when and what you'll need after registration. 

  • Please feel free to Contact NDB through email if you have any questions.

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Admission fee for this course is $55

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