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“Building Legacy”  

Bringing traditional wisdom to common knowledge.

Our Commitments & Promises

  • Nature's Divine Botanica is committed to ethical, sustainable and spiritual practices around gathering and making medicinal preparations.

  • We use plants that we have ethically and sustainably gathered in the wild at their peak potency and infuse them into certified organic carrier oils.

  • We only use certified organic ingredients in all our products along with our wild gathered plant infusions.

  • We only use cold pressed and steam distilled certified organic essential oils.

  • We never use toxic or carcinogenic ingredients in our products or products that have used harmful chemicals during extraction or processing.

  • We help conserve and restore our gathering spots by maintaining these sacred and wild plant habitats and by teaching others how to as well. 

  • ​We are committed to leaving a legacy by teaching others how to identify, ethically gather, and process Pacific NorthWest indigenous plants in our indoor and outdoor plant retreats.

  • We use scientific and indigenous information from a ethnobotanical stand point to formulate our medicinal skincare.

  • We balance the pH and use Sterile Lab Techniques when formulating and packaging  our medicinal products. 

  • We use recyclable and reusable dark glass bottles to protect products from sun and light exposure. ​

  • All our products are organic, wild gathered, hand crafted, scientifically formulated in small batches, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and made with lots of love.

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