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Teasha McCallum is a passionate women ethnobotanist, herbalist and mycologist who focuses on medicinal preparation through her company, Nature’s Divine Botanica LLC, a Pacific Northwest Organic Skincare business. We offer organic, ethical, sustainably gathered and scientifically formulated efficacious skin care for non-binary, men and women.  All our products are made with native plants indigenous to The Pacific Northwest that Teasha has organically grown or ethically gathered all over Washington state, dried and processed into potent medicinal oils to benefit ailments for healing and beauty. Teasha has taught medicinal preparation, wilderness first aid and wilderness survival skills to ages K-14 since 2013 and has offered plant walks and workshops to adults since 2009.


The Root

Welcome, my name is Teasha Dawn and I am honored to share with you my passion and efficacious medicinal skincare. I am thrilled to offer pure, organic, scientifically formulated and ethically wild gathered products for deep healing and beauty. I'm beyond grateful to be able to gather with others and create deep connections in our Plant healing retreats, classes and plant walks.


My journey to get to Nature's Divine Botanica has been filled with so many incredible and beautiful experiences. Each bringing me to a deeper understanding of our connection we share with nature and each other. Throughout the endeavors that I have focused on there has always been one constant, my ever-growing relationship with plants, fungi and all of nature. From a very young age I became aware of the many environmental, economic and conscious disconnections happening in the world and realized it was my responsibility to find ways to protect her and each other from theses harsh realities. This is why it is my mission to learn and share plant knowledge, practice sustainability, restoration, and ethical gathering.  I care about all of us and that is why I built my business on a triple bottom line: Planet, People, Profit.


The Heart

Being a passionate curious person I have put my focus in many different directions with intentions of finding a path where they can all exist together. I graduated college with a dual Bachelors of Science emphasizing in ethnobotany, mycology and lichenology, and a Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in production and performance. I have always been drawn to all cultures through  spirituality, music, art, and plant medicine and found a deep connection to The Salish Coastal people and their teachings of life, rituals, ecology and medicinal ethnobotany.

I started teaching adult workshops in the spring of 2009 focusing on medicinal plant preparation, communication, identification,  ethical harvesting techniques, restoration and conservation skills. I began formulating medicinal skincare in 2009 and it became a lifelong passion instantly. I went on to teach youth nature camps focusing on medicinal and edible plants, wilderness survival skills in 2013 to 2017. 

During college I began hosting meditation gatherings, taking shamanic retreats, practicing energetic healing and collaborating with other spiritual leaders in the community. I received a certificates for energetic practices given by healer, spiritual leader and reiki master Jennifer Dawn in 2012 and continued to learn, seek, practice, create and teach spiritual practices till this very day.

I have the honor of working and continuing to learn Indigenous Knowledge and wisdom with medicine women, Master Esthetician, entrepreneur, mother and a beloved friend, Jolene Grover. Jolene has gifted me so many spiritual understandings of plants and her indigenous ancestors,  from Skokomish, Squaxin, Quinault and Yurok Tribes and I continue to learn from her and her family. For this gift of friendship and teachings I am forever grateful.


From physical science to spirit, I have put my head, heart and hands towards understanding the relationship we share.



My mind, body and spirit believe in Nature’s Divine Botanica because I have worked full heartedly and diligently to create a sustainable, ethical and efficacious product line for both planet and people.  I have a strong personal testimony that has been affirmed and reaffirmed throughout my entire life while developing relationships with plants, medicine and spirit. Because of my deep passion for formulation and chemistry and my understanding of ethnobotanical and western plant knowledge, I have come to know the benefits behind my products to be effective and my classes to be life changing and empowering.   

Teasha with St. John's Wort
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