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9oz clear glass jar of Bathing Salts

DancingRose Healing Salts


Ingredients: Pure Epsom Salt, Pure Pink Himalayan Ancient Sea Salt, >Red & Pink Vine Roses,* Rose Geranium ess. Oil & Love


-Key *organic ^ethically wildcrafted >homegrown


Benefits: DancingRose Healing Salts are for mind, body and Spirit. The salts relax and provide relief to cramped aching muscles, thanks to the presence of calcium and other trace minerals. The plants and essential oils provide medicinal properties to further aid in pain relief, inflammation, skin irritations and overall blood flow. DancingRose salts elevate the Heart Chakra.


Rose is anti inflammatory, antibacterial, contains vitamins A & E and super high in vitamin C. Rose properties support the body's natural collagen production and the body's protein responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair. Their properties are anti aging and promote skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration.


Directions: Scoop out 2-4 tablespoons of the salts and sprinkle them over your running bath. Allow the salts to dissolve while enjoying your healing bath treatment.


Promises and Commitments

GMO Free
Paraben Free
Gluten Free

Animal Cruelty free
Made w/ Organic Ingredients
Made with wild grown and ethically gathered ingredients
Scented with Organic Pure Cold Pressed Essential Oils

DancingRose Healing Salts

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