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High Lights

  • Hands-on experience

  • Gathering/Foraging Plants for Medicine

  • Learn the best Tools to use

  • Learn when to harvest what

  • Life Long Skills

  • Intimate setting

  • Connection with people and plants/Relationship

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Class Description

Welcome to Ethical Gathering and Foraging Techniques.

In this class we will begin with the ethics around gathering and the do's and Don'ts. We will touch base on the simple economic, environmental, western and indigenous ethical practices. We will move into learning when to harvest different parts of plants and why that is so important as well as go over what to gather in what season and the tools that are best used.

The Second half of this class will be hands-on outside in the Garden gathering medicine. We will learn how to gather roots, whole plants, bulbs, aerial parts, flowers, and buds. We will then take what we gathered and learn the first steps to process them.


Each person will get to take home a medicine making kit that includes plant medicine, a jar, storage directions and simple medicine making recipes, a certificate for Herbal Education and a detailed workshop class outline.

More details will be emailed to you with the exact address in Olympia and any additional information after registration is complete. 

With Deep Love and Gratitude

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