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Happy New Year: The Germination and Awakening of Spring.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Here in the foothills of the Olympics, in Olympia, Washington the plants and animals are beginning to stir and pop up everywhere. Soon they'll be flourishing in the peak of spring. Although this year brought a lot of cold chills and with it came some of the biggest snow storms recorded on the coast since the 1940"s, the snow has finally melted and the plants can now catch up to spring. The purple crocus have started to bloom and the daffodils have begun to sprout their bright green foliage. Soon the fields and forests will awaken their glorious yellow, blue and purple flowers, shedding light into this grey Pacific NorthWest winter. Right now is my absolute favorite time. Not only because I get to gather some of my most precious healing plants, stinging nettle and cottonwood buds, but because I also start q FXs dz I sad car sq ows see Ed car as We as drewto feel super energetic and alive. I find myself day dreaming and thinking up ideas, planning events, and dreaming up vacations. I start to visualize when and what medicines I'm going to gather and where these adventures might take me. Now is the time I get to awaken my garden beds all around my house and to feel renewal all around me. I am germinating and sprouting along with nature. Together we are coming out of hibernation ready for life and what this new year will bring.

Indigenous cultures in the Pacific North West and around the globe believe this time to be the New Year because spring time is the beginning of the plant life cycle. Spring time is when we awaken ourselves and our gardens and plant new seeds, watch new plant life emerge and admire the catkins, leaves and buds that start to form on all the trees. Summer is the time to watch ourselves grow and to begin gathering from our medicine spots and gardens, all while enjoying the seasonal flowers . Fall is the time to start going with in ourselves, a time to gather and preserve whats left for the cold sleeping winter. Winter is when we dream up spring time magic and rest our bodies for the green spring to come. By tapping into the cycles of the earth we can start to live more seasonally with the earth. If we know whats best for her, in turn we know whats best for us. By living seasonally and understanding the food and medicine available through out the year you can provide for yourself year round . Your area's local honey, plants, and produce all contain local antibodies that fight against local antigens like bacteria, viruses, and diseases and remove them from the body. Eating seasonally protects you from local diseases and viruses, allows you to provide for yourself and creates a deeper connection with Mother Earth's cycle of life. Together we can heal each other.

I invite all of you to join my blog and continue this journey into the unknown and known plant world. Together we will learn about each other and become close with the 1st peoples of the Pacific North West. Together we will follow a calling to create strong everlasting kinships with nature and her offspring. We will get to know PNW indigenous and western plant uses, relive experiences gathering out in nature, learn about making plant medicines and healing body care, share spiritual meditations, and connect with plant spirits.

check out our Website to learn more about the Workshops available and our organic, ethically gathered, scientifically formulated with PNW indigenous ingredients Skincare. FACE-BODY-HEALING

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